Who We Are

Alejandro Diaz Cazorla, Spanish entrepreneur and founder of several companies, decided years ago to undertake the fashion world through Castizo.
Moved by a cultural and traditionalist motivation, he began his entrepreneurial process through a kickstarter in 2016. His goal was to create a product that mixed a shoe symbol of Spanish culture giving a futuristic touch with a special attention to quality, so he decided to start the brand with espadrille.


Claudio Filippo Dioguardi, began his professional collaboration with Castizo in 2018 trying to address the product to different world cultures.
Previously working with different brands and with a background related to fashion, he joined the Spanish culture to create a product common to different types of customers. 


Because we have inherited a tradition of Elche craftsmanship.
Elche is a reference point for craftsmanship in the world of palm and footwear.
We are located in the town centre of Elche, surrounded by two world heritage sites, "el Palmeral" and "el Misteri d'elx". ILicenca was born from the desire to make models with the most basic, ancient and traditional way, hand-made, using traditional techniques.
The utensils used in the manufacture of footwear and accessories are mostly of manual origin. Unique models that provide exclusivity in the elaboration and design of the brand itself.
It is in this way that we maintain a strong skill and artistic talent.
The current production is based on handcrafted manufacturing. We innovate in our products, looking for alternatives for day to day, comfort, ecological materials, 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, etc.
Our production is 100% national.