How our artisans craft a CASTIZO espadrille

THE SOLE Made in Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain THE SHOE TRIM Made in Elche, Spain
  Warping, the braid is placed on an espadrille table to make the shape of the sole by hand   Cutting, the leather is placed in the cutting table, on top is then placed a cutting silhouette that then cut with a pressure machine
  Once warped, the Sole is transferred to a sawing machine for the stitching that will give firmness to the shoe Now comes the Leather lining to provide higher comfort of the shoe 
  Through the process of vulcanizing, the yute sole and the natural rubber become a single element imparting durability   The lined pieces are then sewed together to shape the upper component of the espardilles with traditional fine leather techniques


Once both the sole and the shoe trim are finalized, the local women sew both pieces together. This artisanal technique, “punto hojal”, is passed on from generation to generation and to achieve the best quality it can only be done by hand at their own houses

Last, but not least, once the sole is sewed to the shoe trim becoming a espardille, it is collected for the shaping and quality control of each pair of CASTIZO



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CASTIZO Espadrilles Detail